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Action A: Preparatory actions, development of management and/or action plans

  • A1 Development of administrative and legal support
  • A2 Kick-off meeting and staff training
  • A3 Screening phase: ecological classification of water bodies, assessment of human impacts, selection of sampling sites
  • A4 Biological sampling at 70 sites
  • A5 Development of numerical and geographic georeferenced databases
  • A6 Development of an indicator system
  • A7 Test and validation of the indicator system
  • A8 Implementation of the AQUALIFE Package for the calculation of impact indicators on GDE biodiversity 


Action D: Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  • D1 “Blind evaluation” of the expert system by non-stakeholder entities
  • D2 Validation of the AQUALIFE Package in other EU MSs


Action E: Public awareness and dissemination of results

  • E2 Networking with other LIFE or non-LIFE projects and dissemination of all deliverables and products at national and international level
  • E3 Organisation and implementation of five local workshops aimed at potential AQUALIFE expert system users
  • E4 Dissemination of the ACQUALIFE Package
  • E5 Organisation of an international symposium about GDEs and their biodiversity, including issues about the protection/conservation of GDE biodiversity
  • E6 Construction and regular updating of a Website dedicated to the project
  • E7 Production of project logo, graphic designs, brochures, banners, posters, and layman report
  • E8 European Day of Parks (http://www.europarc.org/whats-on/european-day-of-park) - development of educational material on aquatic ecosystems for K-13 schools


Action F: Project operation and progress monitoring

  • F1 General project management
  • F2 Monitoring of project progress
  • F3 Post-LIFE communication planning
  • F4 External financial audit


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