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Administrative Centre of the Abruzzo Region: via Leonardo da Vinci, 6 - 67100 L'Aquila (Italia)

Telefono:  +39 0862 364689
Email: valentina.verini@regione.abruzzo.it
Web: www.regione.abruzzo.it


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Gran Sasso / Laga Mountains National Park: Via del Convento, 1 - 67010 Assergi - L'Aquila (Italia)

Telefono:  +39 0862 6052224
Email: s.scozzafava@gransassolagapark.it
Web: http://www.gransassolagapark.it


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University of L'Aquila: via Vetoio - 67100 L'Aquila (Italia)

Telefono:  +39 0862 433227
Email: dianamariapaola.galassi@univaq.it
Web: www.univaq.it


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Enel Produzione SpA co-sponsors the AQUALIFE Project, thus supporting the Gran Sasso / Laga Mountains National Park, the University of L'Aquila and the Abruzzo Region, because Enel believes in the theoretical and practical usefulness of the development and validation of an innovative index to quantify and assess groundwater biodiversity.

Such an index could be applied also to better and correctly define stream Minimum Vital Discharge (MVD) for Enel's hydroelectric plants located in the Vomano River catchment area within the Gran Sasso / Laga Mountains National Park on an in situ, scientific basis instead of a general mathematical model.



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