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The AQUALIFE project has two major objectives, both focused on an innovative, user-friendly approach to the assessment of biodiversity in groundwater:

  1. Development and validation of a set of indicators for the assessment and map construction of the status and trend of GDE biodiversity;
  2. Production and dissemination of the related AQUALIFE Package to all potential users, defined as any person or agency involved in the monitoring and management of groundwater and GDEs.


The expected results

  • First-level database that includes all the available information on groundwater distribution, determinants, pressures and impacts on GDE biodiversity based on the data obtained during the AQUALIFE sampling campaign;
  • Synthetic report on the adopted criteria and statistical methods to quantify biodiversity at the project sampling sites, and guidelines to apply the methods in other European locations;
  • Database collating the data from actions A3 and A4, to be made available to end users;
  • Validation procedure applied on an additional set of 20 test sites and associated report that may include suggestions for improving the efficacy of the indicator system and any application expansion;
  • Production of the AQUALIFE Package and distribution of the Package to at least 250 potential end users in the private, public, and NGO sectors.


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