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Documents available for download


Earthquake impacts on microcrustacean communities inhabiting groundwater-fed springs alter species-abundance distribution patterns [PDF - 1,59 MB]

Groundwater drift monitoring as a tool to assess the spatial distribution of groundwater species into karst aquifers [PDF - 3,29 MB]

Earthquake-Related Changes in Species Spatial Niche Overlaps in Spring Communities [PDF - 1,32 MB]

Effect of Temperature Rising on the Stygobitic Crustacean Species Diacyclops belgicus: Does Global Warming Affect Groundwater Populations? [PDF - 4,56 MB]

Test procedures for measuring the (sub)chronic effects of chemicals on the freshwater cyclopoid Eucyclops serrulatus [PDF - 782 KB]

Exploring copepod distribution patterns at three nested spatial scales in a spring system: habitat partitioning and potential for hydrological bioindication [PDF - 1,00 MB]

Groundwater biodiversity in a chemoautotrophic cave ecosystem: how geochemistry regulates microcrustacean community structure [PDF - 2,14 MB]

Trapped in the web of water: Groundwater-fed springs are island-like ecosystems for the meiofauna [PDF - 1,07 MB]

Bioenergetic cost of living in polluted freshwater bodies: respiration rates of the cyclopoid Eucyclops serrulatus under ammonia-N exposures [PDF - 545 KB]

Dual-flow in karst aquifers toward a steady discharge spring (Presciano, Central Italy): influences on a subsurface groundwater dependent ecosystem and on changes related to post-earthquake hydrodynamics [PDF - 1,83 MB]

Temperature effect on the sensitivity of the copepod Eucyclops serrulatus (Crustacea, Copepoda, Cyclopoida) to agricultural pollutants in the hyporheic zone [PDF - 558 KB]

Earthquakes trigger the loss of groundwater biodiversity [PDF - 2,80 MB]

 The dark side of springs: what drives small-scale spatial patterns of subsurface meiofaunal assemblages? [PDF - 945 KB]

AQUALIFE among the projects of Research and Innovation presented in the journal Platinum (distributed with Sole24Ore) Special EXPO 2015. The magazine, in this special edition translated also into English and Chinese languages, shows projects of excellence in the field of scientific research and technological innovation to international public, leadership of higher Italian education.

Italian version [PDF - 157 KB]; English version [PDF - 158 KB]; Chinese version [PDF - 258 KB]



Life + Biodiversity - Technical application forms - Part A - administrative information [PDF - 3,29 MB]

Ecosistemi dipendenti dalle acque sotterranee: biodiversità, funzioni ecosistemiche ed effetto dei cambiamenti climatici [PDF - 624 KB]

The project Aqualife presented in occasion of the WAC Congress (Seoul, 2014). Threats and faunal responses enphasised [PDF - 6,92 MB]

Aqualife è con Sharper nella "Notte dei ricercatori": la ricerca incontra il cittadino [PDF - 8,28 MB]

Studio sulle acque sotterranee. Progetto "Aqualife" avviato dall'ateneo per la conservazione della biodiversità (Article written in newspaper "Il Centro" on the 24th September 2014) [PDF - 2,89 MB]

Presentazione sulla fauna sotterranea [PDF - 5,56 MB]

Launching Aqualife 2013 - Develop of an innovative and user-friendly indicators system for biodiversity in groundwater dependent ecosystems (Festival dell'acqua 2013 - L'Aquila) [PDF - 3,63 MB]





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